2022 Convention Of Champions

2022 Convention Videos

The State of Opportunity 2022 - Ron Petrinovich

The Big Vision - Ron Bloomingkemper

Chris Blunt - President & CEO - F&G

John Phelps - EVP, Chief Distribution Officer - F&G

Ryan Parker - National Account VP - F&G

Christine Grines - National Account VP - F&G

Jeff Moore - ANICO

Dennis Sudac - VP Corporate Strategy / IUL Sales Trainer

Annuities - Michael St. Clair

Commissions • Back Office • Compliance - Paul Freet

FEG & The American Dream - Gilles Moua

Facing Challenges of a Builder - Joel De Guzman

Grand Prize of a Builder - Neil Alcomendras

The Ultimate Builder Multi-Pay System - Andre Moua

Coachability & Alignment - Nonei Vorasane

Recruiters Mentality & Builders Mindset -Thany Her

Duplication - Huong Inthakoun

Co-Leadership - Dim Cing

Attitude is Everything, Don’t Quit! - Jeff Wordell

The Life of a New Recruit in 30 Days - Fred & Nida Villagonzalo

100K to 500k! - Alexx & Sheree Aurio

Why FEG? - Jarrode & Caryn Damalo

5 Minute Speaker - Polly Luangaphy

5 Minute Speaker - Sam Misa

5 Minute Speakers: Dr Tong Xiong & Mark Tan

5 Minute Speakers - Chue Chang & Hana Abellena

5 Minute Speakers: Shao Lee & Daisy Favila

2 Minute Speakers - #1

2 Minute Speakers - #2

2 Minute Speakers - #3

2 Minute Speakers - #4

2 Minute Speakers - #5

2 Minute Speakers - #6

past Convention Videos

Dim Cing - My Story



Freedom Equity Group shares with people the opportunity to fulfill their hopes and dreams. The majority of people across America don't like their position in life. FEG is here to give everyone that second chance.

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