2023 Convention Of Champions


The State Of
The Company
Ron Bloomingkemper

John Phelps

State of ESP 2
Bill St Clair

F&G Life
Ryan Parker

Back Office Sizzle / War Room & ETS
Paul Freet

Michael St Clair

Living Benefits Testimonials - Robert Her / Kip Small

Money Smarts Book Presentation
Ron Petrinovich

FEG Life Tools
Dennis Sudac

FEG Annuity Tools
Michael St Clair

LPGA Pro Alison Lee Q&A - Ryan Parker

leadership training: saturday JULY 15, 2023

The FEG Opportunity
Gilles Moua

Dream & Goals
For ESP 2
Joel De Guzman

Coachability & Alignment
Neil Alcomendras

Dreams & Goals
For ESP 2
Andre Moua

Do It First Leader
Nonei Vorasane

Why Build A Team
Fred & Nida

Build Leaders, Team Will Come, Build Team, Wealth Will Come - Visual Xiong

Field Training
Huong Inthakoun

Building Keys
Dr. Tong Xiong

Recruiters Mentality & Builders Mindset
Thany Her

Believe It Before You See It - Dim Cing

The Magic Of
Tap Rooting
Alexx & Sheree Aurio

Selling The Index Annuity - Sam Misa

Selling The IUL
Jarrode & Caryn Damolo

Mentally Focused For Today
Jeff Wordell

2 & 5 minute speakers: saturday JULY 15, 2023

5 Minute Speakers
James Lopez & Polly Luangaphay

5 Minute Speakers
Chue Chang & Daisy & Jules Favila

5 Minute Speaker
Shao Lee

5 Minute Speakers
Rosie Rzepecki
& Ka Ying Vang

5 Minute Speakers - Ace Tablang &
Scott Nhativong

2 Minute Speakers - #1

2 Minute Speakers - #2

2 Minute Speakers - #3

2 Minute Speakers - #4

2 Minute Speakers - #5

2 Minute Speakers - #6

2 Minute Speakers - #7

2 Minute Speakers - #8

past Convention Videos

ALL 2022 Convention Videos

Dim Cing - My Story



Freedom Equity Group shares with people the opportunity to fulfill their hopes and dreams. The majority of people across America don't like their position in life. FEG is here to give everyone that second chance.

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